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In the north-west of Azerbaijan, at the foot of the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus, there is a city – Gakh.
Gakh is one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of Azerbaijan, as it has a very picturesque nature and many sights.
Every district of Azerbaijan has its own peculiarity. In Gakh it is undoubtedly the mountain village of Ilisu – one of the ancient villages of Azerbaijan, located at the intersection of the rivers Kurmukchay and Agchai in a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and forests, 12 kilometers from the city of Gakh. Regardless of the season, Ilisu is a favourite tourist destination. There are too many sights in the magical Ilisu and they are all worth visiting. One of the most famous monuments of history is the tower of Sumug Gala and the ancient tower of Sheikh Shamil. Together these towers in antiquity were a defensive structure. The great bridge «Ulu Korpu», of the 18th century, was built without a single nail as the hardener of the bridge, used egg yolk. Just one kilometer from the village, you can find the picturesque Waterfall “Ram Rama”, the height reaches 30 m. one of the highest in the Caucasus.
Ilisu is also a state nature reserve, with a total area of about 54 thousand hectares, where about 30 species of mammals and about 55 species of birds live, some of which are listed in the red book. Beautiful mountain slopes, full rivers and dense forests create a unique landscape. Locals say that the air in Ilisu is like a doctor – can heal. Having visited at least once, you will definitely want to come back here.

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