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After only two hours in the northern direction of the country, you find yourself in a historic city founded in the IV century, known for ancient mosques, famous for its unique carpets. Only in Guba district you can find original villages – a kind of ethnographic museums in the open air, in each of which the peoples living in them, speak their unique language. And Guba is also called the hometown of apples – gardens stretched for kilometers with the most delicious and juicy fruits have made it known far beyond Azerbaijan.
Khinalig: a unique mountain village in the Caucasus

The village of Khinalig is located at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the mountains of Gizil Gaya, Shahdag, Tufandag and Khinalig. The length of the road is about 8 km, straight and partially inclined. In addition, the views from this way are quite exciting.
Its inaccessibility, unique language, unique architectural appearance and culture the village attracts a huge number of tourists and travelers.

Check-list for Guba:
Visit Guba Mosques
Visit the Genocide Memorial Complex
Greet the Residents of Khinalig
Visit the Abbasgulu agha Bakikhanov House Museum
Taste Quba’s white apple
See the Afurja Falls
Appreciate carpet weaving skills in local workshops

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