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The resort of Naftalan – the only in the world field of curative naphthalan oil, the healing power of which is known since ancient times.
Naftalan resort is a resort town with a 100-year history, national property of Azerbaijan.
The oil is a natural medicine, unique in its biological qualities, not a fuel, nowhere else in the world to meet a substance with similar characteristics. The range of applications of this oil is so wide that it is considered a medical phenomenon in the field of mud. Its effectiveness in various diseases is confirmed by the results of more than 1600 scientific works and monographs.

Since 1926, a specialized resort Naftalan in the area of the deposit, where patients were treated from all over the Soviet Union, with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, with neurological, skin, gynecological, urological diseases. Now Naftalan provides treatment of more than 70 diseases with the help of treatment naphthalen baths by improved methods, in the conditions of maximum comfort. Qualified, experienced and friendly team makes every effort to achieve the main goal – health.
Today Naftalan Resort, which has become an integral part of the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, is going through a new stage of revival and all necessary conditions for rest and quality treatment have been created.

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