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Masalli is an unusually colorful and interesting corner of Azerbaijan. This region has always attracted many tourists, thanks to the unique historical monuments, picturesque and unique nature and hospitality of the people.
An abundance of rainfall and sunny days in the year allow the development of citrus fruit growing in the area. Talking about Masalli it is impossible to ignore the topic of Talish cuisine, which is very rich, diverse and has an ancient history. So in the Masalli region there are widely distributed dishes of rice – no less than 20 names and also widely distributed dishes of larga, marji, lavangi of poultry, fish stuffed with nuts, onions, sumach, which is only in Masalli prepared in tender.
Masally has long been famous for its healing waters, the most famous of which is Istisu (literal translation from Azerbaijani – «warm water»). People from ancient times considered a magical spring whose water is a panacea from a thousand diseases. This water contains hydrogen sulfate, calcium, sodium, chlorine, hydrocarbon magnesium, iodine. Water comes from the earth’s interior from a depth of 90-250 m in hot form (about 69 degrees) and is shown in the treatment of many diseases. This water can treat the following diseases: rheumatism, skin diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, radiculitis, prostate, arterial hypertension, liver and bile duct diseases, women’s diseases, gastro-ductsIntestinal diseases and so on. One can travel and explore Masalli constantly, every time discovering something new. Each day spent in this generous region will be rich in unforgettable experiences and will be a bright page in the life of any tourist.

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